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Traffic Defense

Know Your Rights

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, you should consult an attorney with the law office of Jamie A. Mastandrea, P.C. to make sure you understand your legal rights and the possible consequences of a conviction. Far too many people pre-pay traffic citations without a full understanding of the consequences. In Virginia, traffic convictions may result in points assessed to your driver's license, large fines, and increased insurance premiums. Moreover, serious traffic violations can result in loss of your driving privileges and even jail time. Many times these offenses can be reduced with the assistance of an experienced attorney, resulting in reduced fines as well. In some cases we can even get the charges against you dismissed.

Take the Charges Seriously

In Virginia, a Reckless Driving conviction is a Class I Misdemeanor which can result in suspension of your license, substantial fines (up to $2,500.00), and even jail time. In some jurisdictions the Prosecutor will not negotiate with you if you do not have an attorney, in which case you are left to try your luck in front of a judge. Do not make this mistake. We have had success in getting Reckless Driving citations reduced to speeding infractions. Contact us to explore your legal options today.

Personal Attention

Unlike larger firms which assign one attorney to represent multiple clients in court on the same day, we are a small firm and pride ourselves on dedicating personalized attention to your case. We will not juggle clients and run from courtroom to courtroom on the day of your hearing. Instead, you will be able to rest assured that your case will have our undivided attention and resources.

Consult an Attorney

Whether this is your first traffic citation or you have had several before, we can protect your rights and advocate for the best possible outcome for you. Contact the law office of Jamie A. Mastandrea, P.C. today to make an appointment to discuss your case.