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Springfield Child Support Lawyer

Jamie Mastandrea understands that divorce is often an emotionally difficult time for families, especially if children are involved. This often adds an emotional element that increases the tendency for disagreements between parents who simply want to move on with their lives. When hurt feelings and animosity come into play it is her goal as a Burke/Springfield child support attorney to help you navigate the various points of contention in hopes of avoiding a trial and having a judge make these important decisions for you.

Alexandria Spousal Support Attorney

Once the courts are involved in your case all control is taken out of your hands and given to the judge who will make all decisions regarding child support, custody and visitation. While people often think they can be their own lawyer, problems inevitably arise when persons unfamiliar with the intricacies of the law try to negotiate child custody, support and visitation agreements. As the old saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know." If there are extenuating circumstances such as children from a previous marriage or relationship, income you neglected to consider and the like, you could end up shortchanging your child.

Although child support is set by statute with the process beginning with the gross incomes of the parties, that's just the starting point. Other factors involved include who is paying for the child's health care and medical expenses and who receives the tax exemptions. There is also day care and educational expenses to consider as well as other factors that may require a deviation from the guidelines. By utilizing the skills and experience of a seasoned divorce attorney such as Jamie Mastandrea when negotiating spousal and child support you are ensuring that every angle is considered and every decision you make is in your children's best interests.

Solving Real Problems for Real People for Close to 25 Years

The court requires specific language be used when laying out child and spousal support agreements. In having a lawyer with a solid understanding of the state laws and statutes involved in the drafting of your agreements you are protecting yourself and your family now and in the future. The "do it yourself" approach seldom works in the context of family law issues as the decisions you make will have ramifications for a lifetime. Once a spousal support or other agreement is signed by the parties, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to change. With child support there must be a "material change in circumstances" that directly affects the child in some way significant for the courts to consider modifying an existing agreement.

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Ensure your child, spousal support or alimony agreements are legally sound and serve both you and your children's best interests. Contact the Northern Virginia office of Jamie Mastandrea, P.C., to schedule an appointment to discuss your family law and child support issues with an experienced lawyer today.