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Springfield Divorce Attorney

Jamie Mastandrea has close to 25 years of experience guiding families through the difficult and emotional challenges inherent in the divorce process. She is experienced in all Northern Virginia courts and is a fierce advocate on behalf of her clients. She advocates for her clients as she would for members of her own family. She understands the importance of preparing her clients well so they know what to expect throughout the legal process. With attorney Mastandrea on your side you can feel confident that all aspects of your divorce or family law situation have been considered to ensure the best possible outcome.

As a Springfield area divorce lawyer, Jamie Mastandrea's main goal is to provide her clients with sound legal advice to make the divorce process as smooth as possible for them. Using both her knowledge of the law and her negotiating skills, she can guide you through tough situations and answer difficult and complex questions about the distribution of marital assets like retirement accounts and pensions as well as advise you about child custody issues so that you can begin to focus on a happier future for your family.

Burke Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

With many divorces there is often a high-debt or high-asset issue facing the couple which can be equally difficult to negotiate for a mutually satisfactory outcome. The more debt or assets involved such as family-owned properties or businesses the more complex the negotiations can be. Having an experienced litigator in both business and family law on your side throughout the negotiations will go a long way in achieving a fair and equitable distribution of assets or debt.

When it comes to foreclosure issues or the pending sale of a home, things can become extremely complicated quickly. If you have a mortgage that is "upside down", meaning you owe more than its current market value, you want to know what options are available to you should one spouse want to opt out of the payments. In today's real estate market and lending environment it can be advantageous for divorcing families to select an attorney who is well versed in the foreclosure and short sale process as they relate to family law issues.

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Using her strong mediation and negotiation skills she can help you facilitate a more efficient and timely resolution to your disagreements and advise you on when it might be necessary to take it to court. To protect your rights contact her office to schedule an appointment to discuss your divorce or family law issue today.