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Springfield Child Custody Lawyer

In her nearly 25 years as a Springfield/Burke child custody attorney Jamie Mastandrea has helped countless families reach mutual child custody and visitation agreements and avoid financially and emotionally costly trials. Because the decisions you make today will impact your children's lives for years to come it is important to keep the focus on the needs of the children. Once child custody and visitation agreements are implemented it can be difficult to change them, so you want to ensure you consider all factors and make well-informed decisions regarding your child's future.

Fairfax Visitation Attorney — Family Law

In the Commonwealth of Virginia parents who take their case to court are required to watch a video entitled "Spare the Child - Parenting During Family Dissolution." Its goal is to provide parents with a guide for navigating the difficulties families face when they are in the midst of restructuring their family situation. Parents may also be required to attend parenting classes that are designed to ensure both parents consider how each decision they make affects the child and his or her ongoing relationship with each parent.

All child custody and visitation agreements must be in the best interest of the child. This may seem like a cliché, but if you decide to take your case to trial that means the judge has a far reaching discretion when determining what is in your child's best interest. Some of the issues considered by the court when determining custody and parenting time include who the primary caregiver has been thus far in the child's life and the ability of each parent to meet the changing emotional, educational and psychological needs of the child.

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If you do not want a judge to decide your family law issues such as child custody and visitation, contact Jamie Mastandrea. As an experienced lawyer she will help guide you through the process and address all of your concerns so you can decide how you want to move forward with your case. If you have enforcement issues regarding an agreement already in place, she can help you develop a plan for resolving the dispute outside the court system. If that is not possible, she can draft the legal documents you need to obtain the results you want.