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Springfield Family Law Attorney

Family law problems can be emotional and complex because this is one area of the law that inserts itself into some of the most intimate aspects of our family's lives and relationships. As a Springfield family law attorney for almost 25 years Jamie Mastandrea knows the emotional difficulties experienced by families in transition. If you are considering a divorce or separation you may have a number of questions requiring immediate answers before you can make any decisions on how to move forward. Attorney Mastandrea offers compassionate, common sense legal advice on what your options are and what you can likely expect throughout every step of your case.

Burke Divorce Lawyer — Child Custody, Support and Visitation Agreements

When it comes to divorce and families with young children there is an added emotional element that can be difficult to overcome without the guiding hand of an experienced divorce attorney. There is no "do over" when it comes to presenting your case in front of a judge, so it is often best to try and work out as much of the issues in a marital separation agreement before things escalate to the extreme. If you can agree on issues surrounding your divorce and the distribution of marital assets as well as child support and visitation agreements, you can avoid involving the court in making these decisions for you.

Solving Real Problems for Real People for 25 Years

The Virginia courts use guidelines when determining child support (and some Virginia Counties also have guidelines for spousal support) and having an experienced attorney to help guide you through the process prior to resorting to legal action can save you time, money and heartache. Reaching a marital separation agreement prior to going to trial keeps the control within the two parties and prevents the judge from deciding on such sensitive issues as child custody and visitation issues.

Premarital and post-marital agreements, sometimes called prenuptial agreements, can also be a time-saving technique for avoiding costly litigation later on. These can be especially important for spouses with separate assets, persons entering into second marriages and/or when couples have children from a previous marriage or relationship. Contemplating a pre- or post-marital agreement compels blended families to think about many issues they may not readily be willing to consider. By documenting how assets and liabilities are to be handled under certain conditions or future events you are preventing potential disagreements among family members in the event of divorce.

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In addition to handling divorce and child custody and support issues Jamie is experienced in adoption procedures and can assist your family with paternity and other complex issues surrounding paternity and adoption cases. Contact our Springfield, Virginia, office to schedule an appointment to discuss your family law issues.