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Springfield Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

A strong litigator adept at arguing a wide variety of commercial and residential landlord and tenant legal issues, Jamie Mastandrea knows what the other side will consider when preparing its case. Having represented landlords and tenants, never simultaneously of course, she brings a comprehensive view of the issues from both sides. As a Springfield landlord-tenant attorney Jamie Mastandrea will provide you with a fair assessment of what you can expect with your case from the beginning, including whether it makes sense to go to trial or if you should try to negotiate a resolution so at to avoid litigation.

Experience That Makes the Difference

One of the most common causes of landlord-tenant disputes is one party breaking one or more terms of the rental agreement or lease. Clearly defined rental terms can prevent many disputes. However, when the terms of the lease or rental agreement are broken due to non-payment of rent or chronically late payments what may seem like a small dispute can quickly escalate into a large legal battle. With an eye toward keeping the dispute out of court, she can help you respond to a crisis in a timely and cost-effective way with the goal of resolving the dispute.

Fairfax Eviction Attorney

If you are facing an eviction or want to know on what grounds you can evict a tenant, attorney Mastandrea can help you navigate your legal challenges and ensure you follow the rules and protect your rights. There are certain conditions in which a tenant may withhold rent; however, he or she must follow certain guidelines and procedures for doing so. Both parties have general expectations and obligations outside the actual rental agreement, however, understanding what those are and under what circumstances they need to be adhered to can be difficult to ascertain.

The law firm of Jamie Mastandrea, P.C. has helped hundreds of clients with a wide range of both residential and commercial landlord and tenant issues, including:

  • Sub-standard housing, repair and maintenance issues
  • Lease disputes and breach of lease agreements
  • Review and drafting of lease agreements
  • Evictions and unlawful detainers
  • Tenant screening
  • Rent increase and control
  • Past due rent payments, including collection services
  • Damage to property claims
  • Unlawful behavior

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If you have a dispute with your landlord regarding the return of your security or damage deposit or if you need assistance with collecting past due rents or debt collection services, Jamie can save you valuable time and resources in collecting what is rightfully owed to you. She also assists property owners and tenants with commercial leasing issues and disputes.

Contact our Burke, Virginia, office to learn how experienced lawyer Jamie Mastandrea can help you with your landlord or tenant legal troubles today.