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Springfield Business Lawyer

If you are in a business or contract dispute, trying to interpret the language in a contract or agreement can be daunting. Burke/Springfield business attorney Jamie A. Mastandrea has been a small-business owner for close to 25 years and understands the complexities and nuances of "legal jargon" and disclaimers included in most contracts. Perhaps you are not sure if you have a legitimate dispute of some kind or if one party is in breach of contract and simply want help deciphering what your rights are. She can help. She can also assist you in reviewing a potential contract or in drafting a solid contract for a buy-sell agreement or a business formation.

Alexandria Contracts Attorney

Attorney Mastandrea's experience and knowledge of business law and how it relates to a number of other legal areas can be very advantageous for efficiently and effectively negotiating contacts and settling business disputes. Whether it involves a contract dispute or the drafting of an agreement she works closely with you to learn exactly what you want to accomplish and what is and is not negotiable. Every line in a contract has a specific meaning and disputes often arise because the wording is not clear and concise. Attorney Mastandrea has handled a variety of contracts, agreements and related disputes, including drafting and interpreting:

  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Consulting agreements
  • Articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Articles of organization and operating agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Dissolution of partnerships and corporations
  • Lease or sale agreements, both commercial and residential property
  • Employment contracts and disputes
  • Shareholder or partnership disputes and actions
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Buy-sell agreements and related disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes

Experience That Makes the Difference

Even if you utilize an online form or template you should have an experienced attorney review any contract before signing it. There are elements to every contract, including business formation documents and partnership agreements, that can leave you vulnerable and without someone looking out for your best interests you may be left with little to no recourse should a dispute arise. Simply having an attorney review a contract now can save you thousands of dollars in costly litigation expenses as well as provide you with peace of mind in knowing the contract will do what it reads it will.

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Drafting a contract is as much an art as a science as it entails knowing how to craft provisions to avoid generalities and the use of any verbiage that could be open to interpretation. Having the knowledge only an experienced business lawyer can bring to your contract, agreement or dispute negotiations can be invaluable in obtaining the results you need. For experience that makes the difference, contact our Northern Virginia office today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business law issue.