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Burke Family Law Attorney

Solving Real Problems for Real People for 25 Years

Jamie A. Mastandrea, P.C. is a versatile law firm that provides a unique blend of family and business law with commercial leasing, commercial and landlord-tenant issues and debt collection services. Whether you need assistance with contract drafting or review or drafting or reviewing a commercial lease to ensure that your interests are protected, Jamie can help you resolve your legal issues with honesty, integrity and efficiency. Licensed in both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia she is available to assist individuals, families and businesses with a variety of legal issues, including:

Family Law

As a Burke family law attorney Jamie Mastandrea can assist you with a wide variety of legal issues from divorce and the distribution of assets to child custody and visitation agreements and spousal and child support. Any time a family is facing legal issues, such as adoption or the separation of households, emotions are challenged making it difficult to see things clearly. Having a compassionate and experienced family law attorney to guide you through the legal difficulties will help you focus on a better future for your family.

Business Law and Contracts

Drafting complex contracts need not be difficult with an experienced Alexandria area business contract lawyer on your side who ensures all aspects are considered for every scenario. Jamie Mastandrea assists a variety of clients with business law and contract negotiations as well as business formation, including corporations, limited liability companies and a variety of partnership and limited partnership agreements.

Commercial Leasing

Monthly rent is one of the highest fixed costs for many businesses yet business owners and their agents often neglect to have a qualified attorney review the terms of their commercial lease prior to signing it. Unless you have retained the services of competent counsel to draft the lease it is customary for the property owner or its agent to have drafted the lease with terms friendlier to his or her needs than yours as the tenant. Protect your long-term business interests and engage the services of commercial leasing attorney Jamie Mastandrea to review or draft the lease before you sign it.

Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Issues

Today's tough economic times mean more people are renting or leasing than buying or selling their commercial and residential properties. That economic reality increases the number of disputes that can arise between commercial and residential landlords and tenants. Since Jamie Mastandrea has represented both sides in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes she has a unique perspective for what to look for in the opposing counsel's approach to your case.

Debt Collection

The law firm of Jamie A. Mastandrea, P.C. works with small and medium-sized businesses and financial institutions on debt collections and civil litigation matters. To ensure your debt collection attempts comply with the federally mandated guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) contact Jamie Mastandrea for assistance with all your debt collection issues.

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Jamie Mastandrea provides a broad perspective to resolving a variety of legal issues ranging from family law and divorce to complex business litigation issues. Contact her Springfield, Virginia area office to schedule an appointment today.